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! La Habilidad de las Aves con el conocimiento para Disfrutarlo ¡



! Relaxing, stimulating and extreme flights, live levels of satisfaction that only the experience of the flight can give you.



Hello, my name is Edison Valencia, I am the founder of Flying in Paragliding by GTOPIK, I invite you to live the best experience flying in paragliding with us, our objective is to provide the best personalized service, flying in teams in excellent conditions with professional pilots and certified for you to live the best experience watching the whole valley will be bored from the sky if you want a smooth and calm flight you will have it or if you want a flight with adrenaline and acrobatics too, great opportunity to handle the paraglider for a moment during the flight , Learn in an easy and fun way Physics, Meteorology, Aerodynamics so you can see what it is to have wings and discover the good, easy and safe that is Flying Paragliding by GTOPIK.

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Volar en Parapente by GTOPIK™



Paragliding by

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The best in the world at your hands
The skill of birds with the knowledge to enjoy

WhatsApp Edison Valencia +57 3146427265


WhatsApp Laura Alvarez +57 3127496306



Product in GTOPIK.COM



Support, Questions, Chat and Booking.



We guarantee the best price and service
Prices for paragliding

You can pay in Colombian pesos, dollars or euros.



Tandem Paragliding flight 15 minutes

COP $ 130,000 - $ 40 USD.



Flight Tandem Paragliding 15 minutes approximate + Photos + HD Videos + SD Memory 8gb

COP $ 170,000 - $ 50 USD.



Tandem Paragliding Flight 15 minutes approximately in the month of birthday + Photos + HD Video + SD Memory 8gb

COP $ 155,000 - $ 45 USD.



Tourist operator certified in quality.


International axa flight policy.


Certified professional pilot.


Equipment in excellent condition.


Track rights.


Transportation back to the flight site when landing on alternate tracks.


Did you find a better price?

Inform us and we match it.


Quality, Safety and satisfaction guaranteed.



If you want more additional time

+ 5 additional minutes COP $ 30,000 - $ 10 USD


+ 10 additional minutes COP $ 60,000 - $ 20 USD


+ 15 additional minutes COP $ 90,000 - $ 25 USD

Transportation services Metrocable Aurora round trip


from COP $ 20,000 - $ 7 USD
1 people


Customized door-to-door transportation services


from COP $ 100,000 - $ 30 USD
1 or 4 people


Personalized collection service, transportation to the flying site, waiting for the flight and take back to the desired location in Medellin Area

Private, Truck, Taxi, Bus, Minibus.
 More information ask us?


Service to groups and companies

Logistics, transportation, complete packages and great benefits.

personalized collection service, transportation to the flying site, waiting for the flight and take back to the desired location in Medellin Area




flights Cross Country



If you like adventure can go flying from San Felix to San Jeronimo or Sopetran, Approximate 2 hour flight = $ 450,000 COP


The  Cross Country be subject to availability and weather conditions .





Every day of the year there  are service 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, depending on weather conditions






Public Transport and Metro from the North Terminal


Caribe Metro Station, in the North Terminal company Belmira Expresso Box Office 11, buy ticket to San Felix Bus Cost $ 3,200 COP, Express Cost 4,700COP, and tells the driver that goes to estadero voladero “EL VOLADERO” the second floor, office by paragliding GTOPIK.

 We're located there! Second floor! Of the state there an office PARAGLIDING BY GTOPIK says that it has reservation with EDISON VALENCIA.






comfortable clothing for cold, jacket, blocker and if you want you can take a pill mareol to avoid dizziness and advised not to eat before flying.



payment methods



You can make the payment: COP, USD, EUR, Cash, Paypal, debit and credit card.



Social and web



ID Type

Identification number







When you want to fly please send me the above data of the people that are going to fly, approximate date and time of arrival to confirm and have everything ready to make a good flight.





Paragliding by



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So that you see the Good, Easy and Safe that is Flying in Paragliding by GTOPIK.